Assertive Minds Consutling's motto is in our name. We are assertive in our approach to consulting. Our style is assertive, decisive and effective, yet we maintain a very personable and friendly relationship with all of our clients.
Here at Assertive Minds Consulting, we pride ourselves on a unique approach to every client. We take each client and each project on an individual basis, knowing that no two clients or any two projects are exactly the same. We use our extremely broad experience in all sectors and across many different business lines and apply that experience to each project. Instead of using a "template" approach, we use "out of the box" thinking to find creative answers to meet all of our client's needs.
Whether you are a fortune 50 company with thousands of employees and implementing a large scale ERP or a 1 person start-up with a great idea, Assertive Minds Consulting can handle your needs!